YouTube’s Got a Competition!

What would you do if YouTube disappeared one day? What if YouTube starts charging you for every video you upload? Which other alternatives will you find for the world’s largest video platform?

Probably none of us may have an answer for these questions, and for that matter, we may not even know of a better substitute.

The whole online video buzz continues to rise and YouTube’s share is colossal. There have been instances where we have come across platforms, which were launched to serve a substitute to YouTube, like Periscope, Snapchat, Vine, Vimeo, Facebook Vids or Google+, but they haven’t scaled the likes of millennials yet. YouTube is the 2nd most visited website with approximately 250-300 hours of videos uploaded per 60 seconds. Assessing this scenario, anyone would like to conclude that YouTube has made its work as near-monopoly on user-generated streaming

However, the most preferred photo and video-sharing social networking service – Instagram is now poised, to let users post hour-long videos. With the launch of its IGTV – a stand-alone app which will feature vertical videos up to an hour long, it is a greater shift from the 60-second time limit on Instagram. The IGTV is devised in a way that it allows users to swipe up and switch between the accounts which they follow. The video app allows a user to resume watching videos which s/he had started previously. The IGTV’s algorithm innovatively functions on the basis of past viewing habits. Overall, it can be learnt that Instagram has evolved as compared to its initial simplicity of just filtering and sharing photos. The launch of IGTV signals an air of competitiveness, where Instagram is aspiring to exceed YouTube and Snapchat.

The bottom line is that competition breeds innovation and Instagram has always served its users with features that makes this platform an incredible place to connect, inspire, educate and entertain users every day. IGTV has unfolded a new chapter that brings users closer to the people and things they like to be associated with.

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