Wham! Bam! Thankyou ma’am – Microsoft buys LinkedIn for 26 billion

Microsoft has almost literally taken the world by surprise with its acquisition of LinkedIn the professional networking site. The $26.2 billion purchase by Microsoft makes its biggest ever purchase. With such a big deal, Microsoft definitely would have some ideas and plans for LinkedIn. Now everyone might worry as to how is this going to change their LinkedIn experience. Will Microsoft bring about a transformational change in LinkedIn, and if it does will it be appealing to its users or not. If not what will be the future of LinkedIn under Microsoft.

These are some pros and cons of the deal that might add some perspective:


Buying LinkedIn could be a smart move for Microsoft if it's able to figure out how to seamlessly integrate its social graph into its other software especially with Office 365. At several levels the deal will create opportunities for companies as-well- as marketers, empowering individual professionals by providing customised news, learning and access to relevant professionals & increase its advertising and sales options. From LinkedIn’s point of view now it has the required backing of behemoth and financial prowess to flex its muscle and chart out its ambitious plans and expand its operations further.


Some people might wonder as to was LinkedIn worth $26 billion or did Microsoft overpay, as at the end of the day it is at best an internet based professional recruitment platform. The other fear that people might have is, how much of a change will Microsoft bring in LinkedIn? Will it ruin the good experience that people had or will it revamp the site to the point that it's not the LinkedIn they know? People will definitely have many doubts and apprehensions about such a big deal taking place and the changes that it will bring forth. It’s only time that can tell us as to was it a deal that will bring in a good change or not. We are sure you too would have a view towards this deal and our blog, so get in touch with us to share your views and ideas.

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