Why user experience is important in digital marketing!

‘User Experience’ is something people rarely associate with digital marketing. Many feel it’s not a mandatory need for digital marketers to give much attention to the ‘user experience’ of their target audience. But multiple research into this subject matter reveal a very different story with a strong statistical backup. So today we will decipher this statistical data to get a better understanding of this ‘user experience’.
It is observed that 79 percent of users will exit a particular page and search for another website to achieve their objective if the content is not properly contrived, arranged and optimised.

Smartphone users encountering websites that weren’t formatted for their mobile devices were a colossal 96 percent, while 48 percent were extremely disappointed when supposedly mobile friendly sites were poorly optimised for mobile devices.

A whooping 52 percent said they were unlikely to visit a company in the future that provided a poor mobile experience.

71 percent of publishers online agree that mobile content with articulate information will significantly enhance and boost user engagement.

63 percent of searchers tend to use various devices like tablets, smartphones, PCs, etc. to find any information on local businesses.

95 percent of customers agree with the fact that a good user experience does increase their satisfaction level and convenience.

User experience is the way to go forward in this ever changing world of accessing information and to engage at any level online. A good user experience goes a long way in exciting and retaining consumers/users in the digital world. Giving a good thought about ‘user experience’ and implementing it in the engagement area of your business is the only way to stay one step ahead in this competitive digital market.

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*Source: www.experiencedynamics.com

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