Uniform communication with different set of tactics to increase customer base

Advertising and marketing strategy work as an important tool for the brand/product to reach out to the customer. It generates interest in the minds of the end user about the brand. Brand advertising becomes successful when it starts converting into sales. Strategy is decided keeping in view of demographic However a complex situation is faced by companies promoting their brand in various locations where the success rate of marketing strategy getting converted into sales varies from market to market. A brand finds itself selling more in a particular region compared to other region, vis-a-vis same scenario is faced by competitive brands.

To increase the customer base in a specific region a tactical approach would be beneficial to reach out to potential customers. Some of the companies possessed about their brands employ agencies to be a brand custodian without understanding the nuances of local markets. A tactical approach like customizing the communication as per the local requirements will give boost to the brand to penetrate into the market. Demographics play important role to position the brand as per the data based on factors like economic status, level of education, employment, buying capacity etc.

A uniform communication with different set of tactics would be the most effective approach to increase customer base.

For e.g.

Demographic – A – promote low price

Demographic – B – promote quality

Demographic – C – promote quantity (extra compared to other brands with same price)

Tactical approach will put the brand and customer in a win-win situation.

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