Transforming Advertising with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or more commonly known, AI is mostly associated with the robotics and technological analytics. The complex integrated process, with its advancements can be reasoned to be related to creativity. Innovations in technology are evolving at a rapid pace that it’s difficult to keep pace with and with every opportunity comes new challenges to face. So how can brands stay ahead of the curve and deliver results with new innovations?

The answer is: AI. It’s no secret that new innovations are shaping the advertising industry today. The ability to transform the data and analytics into analysing the market behaviour requires vast amounts of intelligence. Today, people leave a quite large amount of digital information on their trail when online. Brands can, (and most of them already have started) use this data and by applying advanced algorithms and machine learning, understand the mindset of the consumer and deliver personalised online experience.

The AI’s ability to automate processes means there is less likely for errors to occur, thus eliminating the need to brainstorm new ideas if a particular campaign is not working. Optimising bidding, targeting the right users and so forth can be substantiated more efficiently. With the help of artificial Intelligence, brands can now customise interaction and engagement, leverage cognitive learning and get new insights about customer behaviour.

The main focus is to facilitate growth of the brand and AI is just one another tool which can be adopted and AI can leverage to deliver engaging ads to the right audience, at the right time.

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