Top 5 Search Engine Marketing Trends For 2016

Google AdWords plays a very important role in every search engine marketing (SEM) strategy. It has introduced several new features in 2016. Below are the top 5 search engine marketing trends that we feel are important for 2016.

Video is the new King
As Google AdWords has been integrated with YouTube Ads, innovations in video

advertising has a huge scope. And with the new YouTube shopping ads, video marketing is going to be an important player in SEM for 2016. So, it is a big yes for webisodes, video ad films, interactive videos and other such innovations.

Precise Targeting
Search engines are evolving almost on a daily basis. Now, search engines are able to collect data that is more precise and personal. Thus, 2016 will see a much more targeted data in SEM.

New Ways to Communicate

The Callout Extension introduced in 2015 has made it possible to communicate extra information like special offers or services to potential customers. This has helped advertisers to add even more information without any additional costs. We expect to see more such ad extensions in 2016 that increase CTR rates.

Mobile Friendly Algorithm

Today, many website owners have optimised their websites for mobile devices enabling mobile users to effortlessly surf more mobile-friendly websites. And several SEM experts are predicting a significant rise in mobile traffic which in turn increases the potential of mobile ads to rise. Simply put, mobile has become the new desktop.

Interactive Ads

Google says that out of every four apps installed, one is not used. This signals a shorter attention span on mobile. And to counter this, Google has introduced interactive ads for mobile apps that allows the user to interact. 2016 is the year for more interactive ad formats to appear and meet the high expectations.

2016 promises to be an exciting year for the SEM industry. What are your thoughts? Do you think 2016 is the year that mobile rises as the chosen heir?

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