In our world there are enough examples of products being pitched we don’t need; diet pills, cigarettes and of course beauty creams. Amongst these one of the hidden unethical advertising ways goes to subliminal advertising.

Subliminal advertising consists of flashing a single frame in the middle of an innocuous advertisement, too short to be generally perceived actively but which supposedly registers in the subconscious. The idea is far from proved; in fact, there exist multiple studies disproving its effectiveness. Yet, as an advertising practice, it can take the top spot in unethical advertising practices. Our  subconscious beliefs, which we cannot easily understand or change, motivate many of the decisions we make. Some companies use manipulative  branding techniques that create untrue associations between their  products and some deep human desire like sex or social status with the goal of having the viewer establish this connection  unconsciously.

The desired result, presumably, is that the consumer will then buy the product with the misguided intent of fulfilling said  desire. At the end of the day it’s all upon us, what we want to sell? And how we want to sell? Cause whatever we sell or in whichever way we sell, everything is going to come to back to us, so if we sell through negative energy the adverse effect of it will come on the society and to our home as we are also the part of it. Now is the time we should decide whether its profit that matters most to us or it’s the ethics or humanity we live for? Choice is ours and so will be the consequences.

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