Strategizing Every Move!

The Social Web is fast growing and there two key factors driving the social web according to a recent study. The two factors are mobile phones and elder user adoption. People accessing the internet via mobile has increased by 60.3% in the past two years and the social media presence of 55-64 year age bracket is the fast growing. Such surged mobile connectivity has increased on-the-go social activity. It is one of the reasons why creating a targeted social media strategy helps to focus on using relevant platforms to connect with users and avoid simply adding to the noise.

A strategy is the ‘why’. A question, which brand advertisers have to ask themselves while crafting their promotion plan on social media platforms. Strategy helps in propelling complete research and know as to whom the brand is trying to reach and what makes its audience like the brand. It helps in deriving the answers to the questions like who is the target audience? What are their likes? and what makes the brand unique? At a basic level it’s a simple statement of intent, outlining the goals and measurable objectives for using social media, and the target outcomes you want to achieve. While devising the social media strategy, it’s essential to be sure to remain focused on effective communication so that the strategy helps communicate effectively about the product or the brand to the existing customer and potential ones.

Social media strategy allows the brand to target audience more effectively, explores uncharted opportunities and helps in analysing audience movements, interactions and behaviours. It helps to choose the platform for brand’s promotion, allows interaction with users, inspires them to like, comment and share the page. Strategy, thereby allows the brand to have its share of free advertising and an enhanced reach for luring potential customers. It is ideal for lead generation, especially when used to educate or inspire audiences.

It’s passe where a brand would promote itself on its social media platforms and hoped to get results. Strategy helps social media managers to know exactly what works for a brand and what doesn’t. It may not directly generate an overwhelming amount of sales; it does however enormously promote
the brand.

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