Story telling for Festivals

There is something joyful about the festivals. Sure, it has much to do about different traditions and different cultures coming together to celebrate the vanquishing of evil or a deity coming home from exile. But under all this cultural lore, what lies beneath is just a plain simple reason: to make new, good memories. The nostalgia of diyas, the loud music of garbhas, or the gift of sweets from your well-wishers, festivals are one heck of a time to indulge in. Maybe that’s the reason every brand and business tries to showcase their potential with storytelling.

Stories have defined the perception of our world. And festivals are one of the reasons people celebrate to reminiscence a good story. Similarly for brands, storytelling during the festive season is an integral aspect for maximum effectiveness of a brand. With storytelling, the festival season is more about evoking positive emotions among the general public. The major aspect of storytelling arc represents connecting with the people and what better platform to tell a brand’s story at a platform with the festive season background.

Storytelling requires a creative aspect which is based on a succinct formulation. Stories have the power to create an emotional and everlasting connection with a user and what better occasion than a festive season. Maybe that’s the reason brands try to bombard people with their products and services more during the festive season, luring them in with offers and discounts. But the important thing brands need to remember is that content plays a key role and more effective the content is, better is the reception amongst the consumers.

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