Social Media – Influencing on Consumer Behaviour

Social media takes us back to the beginning when people lived in groups and clans and took decisions together by being affected with each other. Most studies show that social media usage is changing consumer behaviour. Social Media platform are no more socialising joint but a place where every user’s point of view is influenced. It has provided new opportunities to consumers to engage in social interaction and Consumers’ online behaviour is developing at a fast rate. They are participating in a variety of activities ranging from consuming content, participating in discussions, and sharing knowledge with other consumers to contributing to other consumers’ activities.

Research has shown that social media affects product promotion because it was noted that 4 out of 5 users are, it was found that two out of three users are willing to try a brand that has been recommended or advised by friends and influencers on social media. Also, it has been observed that most of the users prefer to like or share options and photos. According to Deloitte Media Consumer Survey 2016, social media has emerged as a media superpower across all the age groups with more than 80% people engaged with social media networks, 2/3 rd of masses interacting on social media platform on a daily basis and 27% people checking their social media accounts more than 4 times a day.

One can unearth the fact that the interconnectivity of consumers through social media such as communities, reviews or recommendations are likely to establish trust in e-commerce. The social relationship of consumers generated through social media significantly affects the perceived trust of consumers. In addition, more positive comments, feedback, and higher ratings lead to a higher level of trust in a vendor or brand. It can be
concluded that social media is very influential when it comes to convincing consumers’ mindset.

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