Snap the opportunity – Snapchat, the secret weapon in your marketing mix.

In this ever changing world, people would always like to be connected, but something has changed in the way we do it. People want to be connected in different ways and more so by sharing news and also their feelings in small doses. Snapchat is comparatively new to this medium and this form of communication. Gaining growth from plain curiosity, Snapchat has grown into a social media platform that grants its users a speedy, fun and a more personal substitute to now considered Twitter’s 140 characters verbose or Facebook’s lengthy ramblings. By permitting its users to send simple, disposable and effortless snaps of their friends, families, selfies, Snapchat has truly conquered the imagination of people.

A marketing tool or just a fad?

Can snapchat be really used for business? Whoever is checking their story feed on Snapchat in the past many months would have come across an elevation in the quantity of commercial posts – but what’s the reason behind
this? Many people are of the presumption that the expandable nature of Snapchat will never make it a good marketing medium. But the genuine platform that Snapchat contributes can have a real effect with your followers and with real-time marketing, it can strengthen your brand’s voice.

Get engaged or vanish

So let’s be clear, the ‘social’ in social media is all about engagement. This is where Snapchat provides a proper way for your followers to interact with you in a memorable and fun manner! You can acquire your promising clients to send you a snap of them using your services or products and possibly use it as a give away or competition.

Be live

For real-time marketing, Snapchat is an appropriate social platform because it gives its audiences live event’s direct access. On occasions of trade shows and product launches, Snapchat can be a good medium for making people aware. Audiences will be excited by getting an authentic perspective of what’s happening in an event.

Be exclusive

Snapchat can be used to deliver specialised content to your audience that’s not possible in other mediums.Let’s say you are sending special offers and promotional codes through emails, then you are competing with other companies doing the same thing. But by sending a Snapchat to your followers and customers, you are in a better position to grab their attention. Moreover, Snapchat’s time-dependent communication means your customers are more likely to use the offer or the promotional code.

Personal touch

There is nothing better for a company than to make its customers more involved in its functioning and giving them an insight into how it functions. By sending snaps of the day to day running of your company or your team having fun at work, you can help people see that you are a lot more than just a message from the other end of a computer screen or voice through phone.

It’s all about numbers

With 45% of Snapchat users falling between the age of 18-24, Snapchat has a young demographic, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Other social media outlets are far more off-centre and have a bit more evenly spread demographic. So if this is the demographic you are targeting seriously, then a 10-second snap can work wonders for you.

We do understand that every social media platform need not suit your company, type of business or even the audience. But that said, even if a remote possibility is there for you to utilise Snapchat, then make it your secret weapon to target your customers with this in your marketing mix.

And as you have nothing to lose, you at least get an opportunity to create some brand awareness and community engagement. So, do let us know what are your views on this new marketing tool.

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