Shake it up – how to be more creative

‘Getting stuck’, ‘Haven’t cracked it yet’, ‘Kuchh aa nahi raha yaar,’ ‘Time lagta hai’, and then finally, ‘Aha got it’. That’s how it normally goes in advertising. With deadlines looming and clients screaming. So how does one handle it, this business of getting stuck.

Here are a few tips that can help

Imagine how somebody else would look at the problem. Your girlfriend or boyfriend, mother or father, friend or foe. Or even Shahrukh Khan. Suddenly you’ll find so many different ways to tackle it, popping in your head. And it’s a lot of fun. Try it.

Get to the product’s history, geography, art or science. Explore everything about it. It’s place of origin, its legacy or reason for being, its connections with people and events. There is something that will set you ticking, always. Find it.

Look at it through various moods and emotions.

What does the product or service look like to you, when you are happy, sad, angry or feeling just plain funny? Soon you’ll find it acquiring a life and character of its own. Or, look at it upside down. Sometimes, reversing the problem is often the solution. About seeing not what it does, but what would life be if it didn’t exist. Take the cue and run with it.

Find a cultural connect. Something in the product will have some relevance to a social context, a behavioural aspect or a psychological dimension.Dig it out. That’s what people call insight. Once you have it, you can create a rich tapestry of emotions and activities around the product that will last for years. Making it memorable and you, proud. Sure there are many more ways to get your creative cells moving. But try these the next time you are stuck, and see how much more exciting the chase for the creative solution becomes. Go shake it up.


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