Rise of the Bots!

The realm of digital marketing is continually evolving and transforming. One of the prime reasons for this fast-paced change is the technology. The technology is conceiving and delivering one-of- its-kind inventions which are taking the marketing world by storm. One such invention is a system which resolves queries in a professional way and its available around the clock.

Whether you’ve realized it or not, you might have had an interaction with it once. These simple artificial intelligence systems interact via text and answer the user’s queries irrespective of the time. Many think that these systems are manned, and there is an individual who is attending to their queries. If that’s what you too are thinking, then you are mistaken. The communicator is not a human but a bot. The ChatBots are here.

The chatbot is a computer programme designed to convincingly simulate how a human would lead a conversation. The bots are very much in vogue as they are cheaper, faster and better than their human alternative. The more personal they are becoming, the more vital it is for service-oriented brands and companies to go for them. They can not only be used as a means of generating sales, processing payments and increasing engagement but also play a bigger role in analyzing customer data, optimizing sales and help the brand monitor the customer’s patterns, so that the brand can discover which products or services customer prefers. No wonder they are rising.

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