Right “communication and media mix” is the key to brand success!

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) didn’t just win Delhi Elections but set a new benchmark in the category. It showed how a relatively can capture the entire market by superbrand—in this case the BJP.

Thus, it is not always the organization matters; the right marketing communication strategy can lead you desired results. The factors which influenced the Delhi Election results lessons to be learnt are:

Consumer Connect is the key to their requirement: A brand can only when its marketing partner understands and listens to their consumers. For AAP, it was no different. Through Sabhas and Delhi Dialogues, representatives spent most of the election period keenly understanding what the common man’s key issues problems were. Thus they designed their communication  strategy accordingly.

Trade  can  help  achieve  desired marketing goals Often, the key to building a great brand is pulling along trade partners and the distribution

channel.  In the Delhi election, the AAP had scores of highly motivated volunteers from all over the country to campaign for the party. The BJP, meanwhile, had to crack the whip and  bring  in  their  heavy  hitters  alongside thousands of workers to combat the channel clout of the AAP.

Brand  should  never  take  competition  for granted and believe their brand is infallible Some time big brands believe that they are infallible. They cannot be replaced, and people need them. This error in judgement can make a brand pay a hefty cost. Brand Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), after its massive success in the 2014 general election fell victim to the same belief. It assumed—wrongly, in hindsight—that they were infallible given that they had dislodged the competition completely.

Brand must address consumer pain points That’s the precise reason why fairness and glam- creams  exist  in  the  Indian  marketplace. Have understood the psychological points of those who are less fair and addressed them by positioning their brand as panacea. The same way, the AAP got the pulse of Delhi crafted  a  manifesto  that  provided solutions to a wide section of voters. From free to subsidised electricity bill, from toilets free Wi-Fi, they had something for every of consumers.

Overexposing and negative messages can hurt the brand BJP not only overexposed the brand line with hefty media campaigns with nothing new to offer but also used negative communication to counter the competition. This backfired, thus a brand should focus and  communicate  their  USP  rather communicating about the weaknesses of competitors.

Brand  value  of  “brand  and  brand ambassador” should match. Mismatch can cost the brand. For AAP muffler man worked.  But  on  the  other  hand, the  BJP  had  to  project  two  brand ambassadors – Prime Minister Modi and Kiran Bedi. Ignoring the fact that the brand ambassador has to be relatable to the geography and market, the BJP played up Modi rather than Bedi. And of course, it didn’t help that Bedi was far less media-savvy than her rival, Kejriwal.

It’s all about good marketing team; one man in an organization cannot get desired results It’s a fallacy to believe that one man is responsible for a marketing success story. It is rarely so. While one man can drive the vision, it takes an entire team to implement that vision, handle the operational logistics flawlessly and work on the day-to-day detailing. That’s where BJP lacked and AAP gained. For AAP, it was always about team efforts.

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