The Reasons Why Consumers Need Advertising

There are still many people who find ads on paper, TV, internet etc. to be intrusive and as an obstruction. Advertising may not be directly linked to the term benefit, but in many ways, they are still more beneficial than just performing the act of selling goods or services. Still perplexed as to what are those benefits, well look at advertising in a different light and you will realize its impact exceeds the limits of our outlook towards advertising.

The Yardstick

When a product or service is advertised to the whole country, indirectly and directly the manufacturers are promising as to what a consumer will get and should get. Important aspects like quality and price of an item get regularised and is set in the hearts and minds of the consumer. This helps them expect a particular standard from the manufacturer that in turn makes the company take more responsibility for their products and services. So advertising of a product through any medium, makes them stand out of products that are not advertised, making it easy for consumers to recall the things promised by the company and take them to task in case if the standards are not met. This makes advertising a sort of a yardstick in the minds of the consumers.

Better Products

Normally it is seen that advertised products and services fare better in the quality department than the ones that are not. One of the critical reason for this is that companies spend money on advertising of their products, and because of this they recognise their responsibility and act accordingly. As the quality of advertised products are better, this is a great advantage and a thing to rejoice for the consumer.

Better Products Informative & Cost efficient

‘Ads are informative’, this is something quite many people know, but still are not aware of the huge role ads play in the day-to-day life of a consumer in choosing and buying a product. When it comes to the prices of advertised products, compared with many other products it can be seen that prices of these products are comparatively lower than non-advertised products. The reason for this is that advertising stimulates productions which in turn reduces the cost per unit price of the products.Thus advertising has a critical and constructive role to play in the consumers life and in many ways, it moulds our perspective. We are sure there will be many more points that will come to your mind, so please enlighten us by sharing it.

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