YOU are the reason why mobile ads are here to stay

They annoy you, they are the one thorn in your otherwise rosy life, the reason why you think there’s no room for peace in the world, your hate for them is unreserved and much more than a vegan watching someone chow down a colossal beef steak followed by a round of pork chops blanketed by bacon. But sadly for you, mobile ads are going nowhere.

And here’s why.

Smartphone Owners Won’t Pay

Image source: TUNE
Image source: TUNE

In a recent survey done by TUNE, it was found an overwhelming majority of 69% smartphone users out of the 4000 surveyed will not pay to stop seeing mobile ads on their phones. Yes. Zilch. Nada. A BIG NO. In fact, a vast majority even refused to pay anything in return for the games we play on the mobile, content we read. So, how does the publisher recoup their costs? Through mobile ads, of course.

Although mobile ads are an irritant, they’ve still not become a pain point as yet where mobile users are willing to spend to block out the problem. And this is good news for mobile marketers.

Eventually, the goal is to show relevant mobile ads to the right audience at the right time. This is still a work in progress but with new initiatives such as Google’s accelerated mobile pages and Facebook Instant Articles, a more usable and faster mobile experience is slowly evolving.

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