Real-Time Ads – The Next Big Thing

New technology for a brand does not necessarily mean generating new content. Sometimes, all it takes is an application of real-time advances to the existing brand persona for reaching a wider audience. Real-time advertising has become the crux for a brand to show that recent trends can assist in showcasing the brand value. The fundamental element to showcase the brand in a clever way which can connect with the masses on real-time but most importantly, at the right time can cut through all the noise of advertising in today’s digital era.

No brand wants to miss that big ‘AHA’ moment which can highlight their products or services. The micro-moments has caused a revolutionary change in the advertising industry. Its no small feat to achieve a steep rise in engagement with the assistance of micro-moment. The ad of Oreo in the Super Bowl is perhaps the best scenario which aptly describes the importance of real-time ads in today’s advertising.

Today, real-time advertising has become the next big thing in the advertising industry. Big tech giants as Google and Facebook are also chipping in to participate in real-time advertising. The real-time buzz in the field of advertisements can be amplified for the social-media platforms and can assist in unveiling of the brand’s vision. With real-time ads, brands can capitalise on the ripple effect of live events and can tap into the dynamic circle of advertisements.

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