QuickMetrix! A Quick Solution To Track Your Social Media Metrics…

The world of advertising and marketing has changed the face of communication by getting equipped with 24×7 active digital presence. In social media, the communication strategy has to be very simple and yet attractive with incorporation of integrated communication mix. It’s necessary to reach the target profiles every time when they want to communicate with the brand, as it helps them to easily recall the brand when they are about to make any such purchase decision.

Today, there are lots of brand out there who are outperforming other brands in terms of number games! But, that’s not the whole story. The numbers are not enough to show their success story, the game is still on and wide open for correctly positioning our brand and strategically targeting the correct audience. Social media is all about one to one personal communication, i.e. a part of online reputation management that kicks in when our customers give their feedback or review or even when they need solution. But to manage them, we need some tool to filter conversation and understand every comment, be it positive or negative.

Addressing the positive conversation adds a badge to the brand, which will reinforce its positioning in the market or market segment. By answering the negative conversation, it adds the efforts of the brand to reach out to the people who aren’t satisfied with the product or service. QuickMetrix enables our brands to reach out on all the digital platforms and provide the important analytical data.

Our Clients like SVC Bank, NIXI, India Handloom and Bank of Baroda are well equipped with this tool, which helps us to do the following things:

Getting Insights. Trends. Pattern.

  • Understanding social media engagement patterns across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+, Blog and on all other digital forums.
  • Grasping trends towards which audiences are more likely to engage with the brand
  • Apprehending growth pattern and posts which are mostly liked by the target audience.

Identifying Influencers. Audience. Followers.

  • Targeting the key influencers on social media platform and participating into their conversations while generating buzz.
  • Identification of our audience through segmentation on the basis of region, language and age.
  • Providing relevant data of the followers and their behaviour on social media including sentiments.

Content managing Clicks. Likes. Tweets

  • It measures clicks on a post which helps to increase the effectiveness and
  • Adds more attention towards the post, likes, retweets by target segmentation on all the platforms and
  • Specify which are the top post working for the brand.

Reporting Comparing. Positioning. Analysis

  • Quickly we can compare daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports to analyse the growth on digital platform and effectiveness of the campaign and
  • Easily building reports and keep your team up-to-date with automatic report sharing.
  • It provides all the stats and reports in a graphical illustration which makes easy to analyse the reports to set the futuristic goal.

Tag and track messages

  • Tag messages tied to specific campaigns or events to easily analyze their content, volume, and sentiment towards our product and services.
  • Tracking of post, tweet, videos, etc on social media was not easy before, but with QuickMetrix it’s handy to fetch data in real-time.

Workflow Management
Email Alert and Email Integration for tracking daily Online Reputation Management (ORM). So that we don’t miss any person to revert on his queries.

Measure internal metrics
Track performance at the individual and team level—including messages sent, flagging positive and negative or even neutral sentiments and quick response from the tool.

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