Power of a Hashtag

Hashtags have become an integral part of our lives. The usage of hashtags is comparably higher than the salt used while cooking any recipe. Hashtags have played a key role in promoting all those who have been using it across the social media platform in the right manner. It all commenced in 2007 when hashtags were introduced to filter the content with ease and then check the one which received a greater response from the users.

Hashtag enables to hunt down conversations where the customers preferably hang around. It helps in reaching out to a larger audience while launching a campaign with the symbol used in the creative. Though it may look like any other special character, it has proven its special-power in improving the reach of the brand across various social media platforms. They serve an incomparable opportunity for brands and marketers to connect with their target audience, respond to the fans and build the awareness about the brand.

The popularity of hashtags gained momentum because they make every event social. They offer the attendees a reason to come together to converse about the session. A hashtag has now become a way to connect a brand with its audience and discuss relevant topics on social media. The hashtag as evolved as a great addition to all kinds of events.

However, hashtags can go wrong. Though they are an effective marketing tool, there are times when hashtags can backfire on the brands. It happens when a brand uses a hashtag to increase their reach but selects a wrong one which ends up making a mockery, and the other is when it’s hijacked by any angry customers. But with careful thought and proper involvement in the creative process, hashtags can help brands to take off.  As the social listening tools are becoming more sophisticated, brands and marketers can prove the value of their hashtag campaigns with more power.

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