Native Advertising – Merging Context With Content

Native advertising is a relatively old concept. To summarise a long story short, native advertising go in hand with the look and feel of the content it is surrounded with. In a world where content plays a key role in digital as well as traditional advertising, customised content which will resonate with the audience is a precious thing. Though native advertising looks a lot like content marketing, there is a difference between the two and sometimes are confused for being the same.

The role of using content to build a brand’s trust factor and create an engagement factor by providing relevant, consistent information for a clearly defined consumers is of the paramount value. Native ads helps in delivering solid content within the proper context of the subject. Even social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others are a viable solution to promote a native ad. The best thing about native advertising is that the consumer experience doesn’t get affected. The traditional format of deliverables does not create disruption when an user is browsing through a website.

The flow of content in an editorial structure is the standard format for native ads as opposed to display ads which sits on the top of industry-standard formats. The purpose of native ads are to conceal a brand’s message so they look and sound like an editorial content of the website while not being a part of it. Its a sublime technique to present native ad in such a way without making it look obvious. Suffice to say, Native advertising significantly fills the gap between brand banners and ad publishings.

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