Movie Merchandising

It’s not a hyperbole if we think that in the modern times, new brand promo ideas are evolving at a rate speedier than thought. However, concrete, workable innovative ideas used to dawn right from the good old days. The birth rate of new brand promo ideas are congruent to the need to go beyond the ordinary. Advertisers are toying with newer make-believe concepts. If more realistic is the manner in which you showcase your brand, the better is its success. A novel idea when integrated with an appropriate media has always been accepted by the Target Group. Given this, one such tentacle of the creative octopuses that has wound around movie buffs is movie merchandising.

In movie merchandising, either a manufacturer has its product shown in a film or where the studio licenses the right to use the names, characters etc., to the manufacturer. ‘Ninaithale innikkum’ (meaning ‘sweet memories’) was a popular 1979 Tamil movie in which the hero (Kamal Haasan) visits Singapore. In this movie, wide publicity was attributed to Singapore Airlines which flies the hero. Movie watchers just cannot forget ‘Krishh’ which widely advertises the Bournvita brand with Hrithik Roshan promoting the health drink. One of the most successful movie merchandising campaigns was seen after the release of Suraj Barjatiya’s ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ in which the markets were flooded with caps titled ‘FRIEND’ which was showcased in the blockbuster. Movie merchandising can be an effective promotional tool but one of the basic factors that decide its fate is the success of the movie. But then advertising like any other form of investment has its share of risks…right?

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