Mobile Marketing, a Turnkey of the Advertising & Marketing Dynamics

You live in a buzz-world! By getting continuously bombarded with information from all around, you need a buzzing medium to float your thoughts all above, a single platform to connect dots of information and make sense out of the transitions of knowledge and how we relate to them. Times have changed and so is technology. Technology advancement has paced up in this chip-era. It was thought earlier that the future, that is now, would be a future of big machines and heavy equipments but as it here, it is microcosm of knowledge contracting to a dot – into small chips, like the whole galaxy fitting right in a needle-point.

Earlier technology mainly assisted in hard labour work but now , the technology depicts sharpness of mind, the quick-witted-ness of mind assisting more in the thinking process, more of a helping hand to the mind in a personalised manner. Oh yes, then this certainly indicates that we are in the mobile phone technology age adept to the functioning of the virtual world and phones really matter to how humans communicate and interact. Mobile phone has not only become a personal genie to an individual but also a basic necessity in the world of trade & commerce.

The market has witnessed increased sales and desired and accurate results with the digital marketing and mostly after analysing the outcomes of user behaviour and preferences. The company and consumer both have adopted mobile marketing as the strong and effective medium to make media more personalised and target-focused.

Mobile marketing is massive already and forecast to exceed desktop Internet access in many developing countries. So, every marketer needs to keep tabs on the opportunities of reaching their audiences through mobile technology. According to a survey on state of mobile marketing in 2015, the percentage of time spent on a mobile app in 2015 is more than 80%. This in the wake of making websites more mobile responsive to allow the users to have the best user experience possible.

So, is the time for a mobile-only marketing here? Well, this totally depends on users their experiences, behaviour and so on. With the world habitual to use their mobile phones for communication more than other communication devices, of course you can’t carry your desktop to places or have the time to sit and open your laptop, it is more on the go. In today’s fast life, users are relying more on their phones to perform tasks, even buying and selling, however, this is at a lower rate now but soon will become the take of the day.

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