Mobile Advertising – The Age of Mobile Spending

Smartphones have become a common thing for the millennials. The sudden boom of digital industry in the world of mobile has grown quite significantly. One of the top trends in the digital industry at present, mobile advertising is growing comprehensively. The recent spur of mobile usage has also assisted in playing a very important role in the growth of brands and businesses. It’s safe to say that the digital era is being fuelled by mobile technology and this seems like just the start.

The increasing commitment of brands and businesses shifting towards ‘mobile-first’ in order to keep up with today’s consumer needs has contributed tremendously. According to the statistics, mobile advertising has made up for more than half of the US digital ad spending for the first time in 2016. This number represent the scope and opportunity for mobile advertising through the digital platforms. The feature to get personalised content which meets the requirements of consumers without disrupting the user experience has played a major role in the rise of mobile ads.

The exponential growth of mobile ads has helped brands achieve the growth they have been seeking. To conclude, by providing enriched experience for consumers, mobile advertising is shaping the ad industry of 2017. Mobile advertising not only maximises interactions and user experience, but also delivers brand focus, which is an important aspect in the growth of brands and businesses.

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