Micro Moments – The Instant Life

Immediate is the word of today’s generation. The impulsiveness in this era of digital period has empowered marketers, brands and businesses to act speedily for the consumer’s instant gratifications. With smartphones and tablets, the world of informations has become closer than ever before. Now all one needs to do is cater to their particular whim and lo and behold, it is gratified! But it’s not all sunshine for getting planning and getting things done in a jiffy. There is a need for a dedicated plan and this is where micro moments shines bright.

With the rise in technology, people have come to expect the ‘instant life’. People’s decision making process has become more optimised and more streamlined than ever before, thanks to the online evolution of advertising space. It’s safe to say that the frictionless mobile experiences has helped in delivering quality services which has in turn raised the bar on expectations higher than ever.

Today, the mobile-incentive decisions has led to impromptu growth in the micro moments. People searching for one thing which can be found at a particular place immediately is an essential factor for the micro moments to serve better. This spot- on decisions can raise the bar on the marketers significantly. Maybe that’s the reason why consumers are okay planning on last-minute, thus resulting in gradual change in behavioural pattern. At present time, seamless mobile experience has raised the stakes and how your brand performs on their smartphone can either make or break your brand or business.

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