Mapping Mobile Advertising

Mobiles have turned the tables! It has surpassed the benchmarks to emerge as the world’s most powerful advertising means and monetization solution. The palm-sized, multi-tasking, private butler of mankind has technologically evolved itself rapidly over the past decade. Today, it is practically a necessity in daily life. And this fact has driven many brands and marketers to turn their attention to the benefits of mobile
advertising. Mobile advertising has helped numerous brand and advertisers to keep their campaigns relevant to their target audience.

Mobile advertising plays a role of catalyst in fine-tuning marketing campaigns with increased customer engagement rates. It proves its prowess in acquiring high-value users, driving brand engagement, maximizing mobile revenues, delivering cutting-edge advertising at scale, reach to mobile-first and mobile-only audience, and generate hype.

Here are some factors which make Mobile Advertising a preferred choice:

Accessibility: The audience is ever glued to the mobile screen refreshing their daily social media apps, email, and online sites through their mobile device. Delivering the campaign straight to their cell phones creating a lasting impact. By comprehending the benefits of mobile advertising, brands can ensure that their messages are easily accessed by all.

Testability: Mobile ads can be measured or tracked to gauge its reach and success. Unlike other conventional mediums, it serves an accurate statistics of the audience. Costs: Mobile advertising is a cost-effective means to reach the target audience. With only a fraction of the cost of traditional means of advertising, mobile serves up smart solutions to enhance marketing efforts. It’s low-cost pricing arms the advertisers to bombard repeated messages or retarget its consumers.

Interactive: With the advent of 4G technology, mobile ads can be highly interactive and can act as a platform for interaction between advertisers and consumers. This aids advertisers gaining a deep understanding of customer needs and moreover, it propels enhanced consumer initiative improving the brand preference.

Personal Touch: Incorporating mobile advertisement into each marketing campaign helps advertiser or brand to customise as per its target audience. This proves to be more personal and intimate. The audience is more likely to get watch the advertisement, which is promoted on their mobile.

World is transitioning towards a heavier usage of mobile devices. It has been noted that Mobile Advertising is driving 75% of all the digital ad spends this year. Mobile ads have been hitting their target audiences at their point of need and have become more effective and popular as a marketing strategy. This testifies the fact that mobile advertising is a lucrative option which is sure to pay off by leaps and bounds.

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