Making a mountain even without a molehill

“Darling we might need to raise the height of all our doors soon.”
“Pray tell me why”.
“I have started feeding our sweety with a traditionally known health beverage after watching its ads on TV to increase her height. Even my mother used to feed me with that”.

“Then, my dear, why are you still 5 feet nothing?”

When advertising promotes a brand through lies, the purpose of generating sales it might meet but ethics will it defeat. The degree of creativity of an ad is purely subjective because opinions differ but if it goes far from the truth there is no second thought to the fact that it is wrong and alarming. Though the overall literacy rate in India is growing, it is still a matter of concern that many advertisers are able to con consumers by coating falsehood with sugary words and visuals in their ads. What is the difference between a self-styled ‘Baba’ who defaces every available wall with
bills that claim to provide solutions to the problems of life and established business houses promoting their products with blatant lies? Sadly, even celebrities are endorsing them.

Just as the way the wings of financial ads making tall claims of investment benefits are clipped, it is time that the Advertising Standards Council of India, the self- regulatory organization of the advertising industry and the Hon’ble consumer court got stricter. Nevertheless, consumers must wake up to the sound of the alarm bell that beeps…Jago Grahak, Jago.

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