Recognizing a social media freak is pretty simple. Just text him or her- Hey! What’s up? and you’ll get a reply something like this- Hey, your DP is swag bro and is that bae? FTW! I’m doing pretty fine but TBT, life’s not cool bro.

So in a nutshell, this weird language is what everyone on social media is using these days. Youngsters just adore texting in internet slangs and in doing so they have become so used to it that only few of them can now write professional emails. The credit to this bizarre rage goes all to the social media content and the brands who are letting this youth lingo flourish. The excessive use of catchy acronyms on internet has proved to be very impactful in promoting social media and digital media content online. The new generation has become so obsessed with this current lingo that they hardly remember the original meaning of these words.

Going by the trend, the traditional advertising has also started adapting this lingo in their campaigns and thereby reviving the complete process of modern advertising. New ad concepts & content ideas are now cracked on the basis of its social media metrics. Consequently, advertising has changed and evolved as per the youth’s thoughts and perspectives. As brands are becoming too personal, communicating with the audience in a comfortable and relatable lingo has become obligatory.

On each platform, the lingos change as per the context. The lingo used on facebook is at par with that used on twitter, while instagram is more hashtag oriented. It’s interesting, funny and connect with the TG much faster than the sophisticated formal words, which were used in conventional advertising.

Here’s a list of popular lingos, everyone should know:

On Fleek
and the list goes on…..

cyber lingo

 -Pooja Posane, Dcrypt

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