Like Him or Loathe Him, There’s No Denying Trump Is A Marketing Genius

Donald John Trump is not a poster child for the My Ideal Candidate. He has been one of the most polarising figure this election cycle riding a social media wave that’s seen him go from political obscurity to one of the main candidates for GOP primary. Trump has successfully outsmarted all his opponents and his rise is definitely a case study to be read by every marketer.

Trump is different. What is working for him may not necessarily work for the traditional marketer. Immature attacks on the competition, lack of respect and decency and the absence of a detailed product USP with frequent flip-flops are all things that have worked for Trump. In the real world, these would have sunk any brand, no matter how awesome it was.

Method to Madness

Trump is no fool, let’s get that straight. He is one of the most successful businessmen in America and is a reality TV star too. He has found a need in the American audience and cleverly exploited it to emerge as the saviour of America. He has efficiently used live events to engage with the audience and tap into their emotions to build a strong case of why he is needed. And being a natural showman has helped too.

Unlike his competitors who still are focused on promising dreams, Trump shows himself as another victim too. Middle-class America is angry and the feeling of being left out and left behind is strong, and Trump echoes their feeling by portraying himself as being left out too. And angry.

Being Natural

Most of his supporters (or fans) claim to love Trump because he is being himself. Authentic and truthful. Trump is unapologetic for his indecent, racist and degrading comments. He is fearless and has qualms in calling a spade a spade, leaving behind the diplomacy part far far behind.

A big issue of Trump’s competitors is his flip-flops. But his audience still loves him. Why? That’s because he plays to their mindset and knows how to please the crowds. Even his flip-flops on hot topics such as the Iraq war, ban on muslims, abortion rights and the Mexican wall are seen as his sense of genuineness. This election campaign has seen Trump being almost untouchable, without worrying about any repercussions to his actions. Now, imagine that happening with brands.

Trump may ultimately go on to win the US Presidential elections and be the leader the whole world looks up to. Good or bad, that’s open for debate but there’s no denying the fact that Trump is one marketing whiz who knows how to market himself and make his brand a success.

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