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Business houses need insightful, appealing campaigns and marketing strategies to achieve their goal of making their products & services reach out to their consumers and set apart from their competitors. The relationship of an ad agency and its client is a very important one, as it hangs on faith, understanding and respect for each other. But what happens when you choose a wrong ad agency, the one that doesn’t have its intentions in the right place. Well, here’s a story that will tell you exactly what happens.

William John “Bill” Grizack worked as a senior strategist and agency partner who worked at ad agencies McKinney and The Variable in the USA. Recently he was sentenced to 5-7 years for faking contracts from Coca-Cola and Brown-Forman for nearly $269.9 million. You might be thinking is this possible? Well, it’s not surprising, as a scam of this scale has rarely been seen in the advertising world. As Grizack badly wanted to become a partner at Pave, he had to pay a $150,000 partnership fee or at least was required to bring in $500,000 as new business revenue.

Grizack developed a plan to fake the wins using fake contracts, email addresses, phone numbers and documents that allowed him to impersonate officers of those companies. This time, the judge did not show a leniency as with the loss of money and damages caused to the company, came the loss of jobs of more than a dozen people.

What we see here other than the greed and character fault of an individual is the fact that it’s important to choose your ad agency correctly. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to have faith in an ad agency by their clients. A client should be able to have blind faith in their ad agency to come out with brilliant campaigns that will take the company forward. But this is not possible if the ad agencies intentions are not in the correct place.

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