From Instant Messenger to Instant Marketing Tool

Facebook is allowing Messenger usernames to businesses which can be used for promotion like its predecessor, the Facebook page.
Some of the following questions regarding this new tool that may arise are as follows.
Can Push marketing also happen?
Messengers are currently used for pull marketing. A user can go to the brand’s Facebook page and post their queries on the messenger. Depending on the company policies they may choose to reply or not.
The app may be revamped for push marketing in the following manner. The user clicks a box which allows the company to reach out to him in the future. This will allow the company to send the user updates via the Messenger app.
Can paid media help owned media?
Even if the user opts for notifications, the company might have to pay, to message him; similar to the Facebook fan pages, where the company pays Facebook to promote their posts. Currently the app will be free to allow companies to integrate with the platform. If successful, than the messenger will prove to be one of the most dominant platforms.

Where will the data come from?
Are companies allowed to know the customer’s details such as current location? The other brands that he follows to send him relevant messages? Can companies use customer relationship management systems to messenger to determine his spending habits. Marketers want data at their disposal to customise the messages they will send to the consumer.

Which process will be automated?
Like phone-based support the repetitive tasks will be automated; representatives will only appear for the complicated queries. Anything else that can be automated will be and Facebook’s machine learning, third parties integrating with the app will add more to the same.

Can marketing messenger replace others?
If Messenger wins than who loses? Call centres may lose initially but will shift resource from phone to the messenger. If people can get notifications from the Messenger than is there a need for mobile apps?

Apps are expensive to maintain and update but offer permanent branding on the mobile handsets. Marketers should clamor for such push marketing opportunities. Google may lose here. There’s a whole ecosystem around local search optimisation, from marketing agencies to location management offerings.

If Messenger becomes a new consumer portal, businesses will successfully partner with Facebook while the more vulnerable ones will perish. The verdict’s still out there.

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