How Instagram Can Boost Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing has currently attracted many brands and has not only helped them to grow their businesses, but also to connect better with their customers. Instagram was released in 2010 and since then it has been a platform for people to post their pictures. With almost 500 million daily active users, it is growing up to be a huge platform for social media marketing. If your business has recently entered to showcase through Instagram, here are few tips to boost your brand using effective marketing strategy:

#Hashtags: Including hashtags in various business posts can help in reaching out to people. The maximum limit for the hashtag is 30, but it’s suggested to keep them limited. Brands can also think of custom hashtags or use their taglines, which can particularly be used for their posts, which will help people connect with other users. Using general hashtags like #adventure or #summers or anything related to the post, can help in boosting the posts.

@Mentioning/ Tagging: @Mentioning or tagging people, places and other brands will also help in boosting the marketing of a brand. It often increases the connection of the brand and the customers, and also attracts the users to view the posts. Mentioning the followers and appreciating them helps in engaging with the market/ fetching the market.

Contests and Giveaways: Holding contests and giveaways are just a part of bonding with the followers. Including elements like commenting, hashtags and tagging aids in spreading a word about the brand and gaining more traffic.

Instagram Live: Conducting Instagram Live for revealing the products or for a sneak peak of the products. Brands can also hold a live Question & Answer session for the followers to know the insides and upcomings of the brands.

Instagram Stories: Knowing that the links cannot be added directly to the posts, they can be reached out through Instagram Stories, as they are new in the trend. All one has to do is swipe up, and the linked page will be redirected. Instagram Stories can also be used to give the insight and behind the scenes of the brands.

Influencers: Commonly known as the “Instagrammers with huge following”, influencers too play a major part in marketing of a brand. Such persons encourage the campaigns and spread a word about the same. This automatically gives an uplift to the brand and its work.

Carousel Posts: “Swipe right” or the Carousel posts have been widely used by the brands to promote their products. These posts create an element of excitement amongst the followers and speaks a lot for itself in a single post. The carousel is limited to 10 pictures/videos which is sufficient for anyone to encourage their work.

Instagram is currently one of the most commonly used social media platforms for various brands. With the idea of posting pictures today, brands have successfully been able to strengthen their relationship with the customers. And with every update, there’s an addition to the way of marketing to strengthen their business.

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