Influencing works wonders

Mr.Scott Cook once said, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” And this thought has been well perceived by a few brands, who have now put ‘Influencer Marketing’ to work for their products. Over the last five years, it has grown from obscurity to a form of marketing where even the biggest brands understand its value. There was a time where brands commanded full control over their marketing, but with the arrival of the digital revolution, today’s consumer can tell the difference between an advert, a personal recommendation, and an advert masked under a personal recommendation.

Influencer marketing has a wonderful sway when it comes to familiarizing the audience, keeping them informed about the product’s update, etc. In influencer marketing, to sustain authenticity and credibility is the key. This is well-perceived by the influencers and the brands. Influencers have their own way of storytelling and presentation which acts as a brand vehicle for everything from product introduction to in-depth tutorials that help consumers understand complicated features and benefits.

Influencer marketing has the ability to generate enormous returns on investment and can help the brand gain the much needed exposure. It can influence and impact purchase decisions. Twitter and Annalect have conducted a joint survey, which depicted that 40% of respondents purchased a product post seeing a social media influencer using it. One of the reason that influencer marketing is a safe bet because influencers are highly selective when choosing brand partnerships, adding a level of authenticity to sponsored influencer content. One of the advantages of Influencer marketing is that its adaptability. Elements like influencers utilised for the campaign, creative communication, post frequency and scheduling, key performance indicators, and a host of other variables, can all be tailored to adapt a brand’s needs.

It can be concluded that influencer marketing helps brands bypass obstacles. With the mainstream adoption of ad blockers, disdain for overt advertising, influencer marketing offers a viable, proven way to interact with consumers in a natural and unobtrusive way.

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