Influencing a new trend of marketing with Influencer Marketing

Since time immemorial, one form of marketing that has been consistently successful is word-of-mouth. Recommendations from people we know played a very important part in our decisions. Few decades they were informally tagged as the adviser and their followers earned them the limelight. In this era of digitization, a greater follower base online is considered as valuable and it implies that S/he has a considerable potential to influence the audience. Such individuals have a good reputation in highly relevant and niche markets. They are known as micro influencers and they have been the source of a newly emerging form of marketing known as “Influencer Marketing.”

Influencer marketing involves partnering with individuals who have a large social media following and whose opinions carry a lot of weight. Such influencers are roped in by brands to market the product. There are 3 ways for a brand to let an influencer create a big impact for them.  An influencer can promote the brand by writing a post or article about the brand, share information about the brand in their social media accounts, allow the brand to post on the influencer’s site,  permit the influencer to guest post on brand’s blog or, any combination of, or all of, the above.

While the trend shows that influencer marketing is considered as a preferred method for customer acquisition, the major benefit of working with influencers is authentic content creation. Research has found that majority of the brands are of a belief that influencer marketing benefits the most by churning out authentic content about their brand. Such original content lures the target audience, earns trust and finally drives the audience to the brand. It can be concluded that influencer marketing is gaining more likes and it is becoming important as a channel to be utilized in advertising the brand.

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