Increasing the iconic 140-character Twitter limit

Social media has gained a far wider reach among the masses. Today, almost every single person connects to the world through the popular social media channels. Even brands and businesses are vying to gain that competitive edge in today’s digital space. One such social media giant, Twitter, has rolled out new feature to support the ad space. Twitter has officially allowed to increase its 140-character limit to 280-characters.

Social Media Advertising has grown quite exponentially at present. Brands embracing online advertising through social networking sites have become crucial for the market presence. Understanding customer tendencies for brand preferences and effectively deploying marketing strategies can be greatly benefited from Social Media Advertising.

The 140-character limit was a part of the brevity which the masses had come to love. The creativity of employing wit and bring it under 140 was what made Twitter so popular. Though people are ecstatic about the new version, there has been a lot of flak too. Now, as brands get the ability to experiment with the new limit, it needs to be seen if the fad remains the same or wears off.

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