Importance of Ambient Advertising Today

Ambient advertising is about placing ads on unusual items or in unusual places you wouldn’t normally see an ad. An ambient ad doesn’t have to be placed outside. Ambient advertising can be found anywhere and everywhere! The key to a successful ambient media campaign is to choose the best media format available and combined with effective message. These kinds of ads often make someone think about a certain place or thing differently. Ambient ads are important to any marketing plan. They are an effective way to reinforce consumer’s opinion about your brand and to start a word-of-mouth conversation. So what are ambient ads? They differ from out-of-home ad (like hoardings) because they are found in unusual places that the consumer does not expect.

They also let the consumer interact with the advertisement unlike a billboard would. A common trend we see in ambient advertising is taking an object and making it in larger or smaller scale. When we see something is is either abnormally large or small, we can’t help but to stop and look. It’s a great way to raise curiosity and get the person to come and take a closer look. A men’s urinal is the perfect example of a place for an ambient ad. The surprise value is there because the consumer happened to be using the restroom and stumbled upon the ad. They were not expecting to see it there, which hopefully will make the consumer start a conversation about the ad once he leaves the rest room. Ambient ads are a good way to show humor and creativity. The key to ambient ads is surprise. It can be shocking, surprising or funny! It can be found anywhere and everywhere. It’s about creating a new way of thinking. The concept of ambient media relates to ambient media form, ambient media content, and ambient media technology. The rise of ambient or experiential media can be attributed to a decline in the power of traditional media, a greater demand for point-of-sale communications, its ability to offer precise audience targeting, its general versatility. Main findings are that ambient marketing has an exceptional ability to stand out and grab the attention of its immediate surroundings. It can be eye-catching and effecting in both positive as well as negative ways. However if marketers have the knowledge to control the elements within this powerful advertising strategy, they have great chances to diminish the negative attitude of contemporary consumers.

Ambient marketing has the potential to attract valuable attention and an appealing image, if used in the right way. Due to increasingly high levels of advertising clutter, many advertisers have begun to consider other forms of less conventional media like Ambient advertising to reach their target audiences. Newness, creativity, novelty and timing are key themes in Ambient advertising. One of the fundamental premises of Ambient is that the world is an advertising stage. Everything is a potential advertising medium—toilet seats, rockets, golf-hole, cups, door handles, tree trunks, car rear windows, bicycle seat covers….the list can go on and on. Ambient advertising has seen a massive increase in popularity in a short period of time. Ambient advertising has seen a massive increase in popularity in a short period of time. Worldwide, major advertisers like Coca-Cola, Kellogg, Virgin, Nestle, numerous car companies and other companies are investing heavily in Ambient advertising campaigns. Yet despite this, Ambient remains relatively less explored even now, even after two decades of its existence…

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