How to Identify and Win Influencers on Social Media!

Influencers have now become an important part of social media initiatives across the industry verticals FMCG, Auto, and Politics etc. Their role has become all the more important with social media platforms restricting the organic reach of content by brands. So Influencers are an alternative way to amplify the content reach to the audience apart from doing ad spends on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Well, the question that will cross your mind is, if these influencers are so important and critical to Social Media, are any brands using them consistently enough? However, the key question to answer is that how do you identify these influencers. Once an influencer is well-known and signed up with few brands, then that person will be most sought after and will become expensive and a celebrity in their own right.

This is where QuickMetrix helps brands and agencies identify influencers on a continuous basis through our set of algorithms, listening and analyzing of data. It will function smoothly like  a well-oiled machinery churning out new set of influencers every month. These influencers can be identified and categorized on various parameters such as:

1.      Location – City / Town

2.      Profile – Entrepreneur, Media Professional, Blogger etc.

QuickMetrix also helps brands in marking these influences on the tool and then tracking their posts on the relevant keywords on a regular basis.

QuickMetrix is an Enterprise Grade platform to enable all the activities around social media marketing for a company or a brand. It enables comprehensive listening, single window engagement, scheduling/publishing and analytics. QuickMetrix has a set of inbuilt unique automation to facilitate notifications, reporting and response management. This helps digital marketing teams to be on top of all the conversations at all times and have a strong pulse on the health of their campaigns and outreach.

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