Jumping on the Brand-wagon!

It was about 20 decades back, when festivals would come up with a big list of grocery, new clothes, valuables. etc, on mind with a go-out-shopping activity. Had you ever imagined that a smart device will just bring all the possible things at your doorstep someday? Blink-think about a device enabling from tips to gift to the daily necessities, just a one-stop solution and that’s your Smart Phone.

The digital bandwagon has totally turned towards Digital Marketing and mostly through Mobile Marketing, it’s a Top Trending Factor of Digital Media in 2015! The year is near-to-end and, that too, abuzz Mobile Apps Sales, Redeem Schemes, Online Transactions, etc. India’s internet statistics has already stated that the Super Android device is the giant a marketer can’t afford to skip. Ease and flexibility of this medium has made it consumer’s favorite. So, there’s no point left but to jump on this bandwagon and make your brand get that top place amongst TG!

Mobile Marketing is a simple term with a bunch of creative strategies including, mobile site, banner ads, native ads, in-app advertising, etc. It’s all about capturing those 65% of population who completely rely on mobile, be it browsing or be it purchasing. Big brands in the market have started to target this obsession.

Even while reading this article, you must have gone through multiple Mobile App Sales Advertisements, so be ready to scroll few extra for upcoming Festival too! *Wink*

   -Pooja Posane, Dcrypt

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