Heard about mobile marketing ?

Mobile technology is transforming the human nature. Humans are now interacting in ways they haven’t interacted before. If anything that sticks around with this specie other than their shadow, it’s the mobile phone device. Today, the mobile phone has become a necessity alongside the national security number of an individual. Having already dramatically altered the landscape of the media, entertainment, travel, communications and even fast food and taxi industries, promotion through the means of mobile has scaled heights in reaching out to the millions across the world.

Everyday consumer who looks forward to reading a website, checking email or shopping, a mobile device is the preferable option. And the convenience offering gadget, which serves its user all things at its finger-tips has given birth to the most influential kind of marketing i.e. Mobile Marketing. The mobile phone allows the marketers to reach their consumers wherever and whenever they’d wish to and that too in the most engaging and creative ways.

Let’s have a glimpse at factors which make Mobile Marketing the most influential marketing tool.

Easy Tracking: With mobile marketing, the user response can be tracked instantaneously. It is more effective as a medium to collect user data. It allows feedback from the user by just popping a rate window on their screen. The marketer can be aware of audiences’ perspective and behaviour towards the promotion and this helps the mobile advertiser better understand and analyse user behaviour.

Optimised Social Media: Almost all the social media platforms are mobile-friendly. This translates to the fact that brand can effortlessly utilize a platform’s paid features for promoting the brand on mobile devices to get more reach and engagement with their target audiences.

Tailor-made Targeting: Mobile device enables brands to craft promotional campaigns as per its audiences’ location, time-zone, and even their search as well as purchase history.

Provides a good response rate: The response rate of mobile marketing is approximately 4-5 times effective than the average direct marketing campaign. It ensures reduced media wastage and better return on investments.

Virality: Content that is sent to a mobile device can easily be shared from person to person, so it’s possible that a brand’s campaign can extend much further than those you initially reached, giving you higher exposure. Also, once the content sent by the brand is shared on social networking account, it will get views in no time.

The pros of mobile marketing are phenomenal, and it’s an excellent way to share information with the audience irrespective of their location. Many potential customers can find the brand’s content while on the move at any given point of the day, and with access to internet and smart-phones, being on the go no longer means unplugged. Mobile marketing allows you to stay connected to your target audience while they are
using mobile devices.

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