Did you hear about Direct Marketing ?

Direct marketing has been around for a while now and it has had its share of the limelight. Since renaissance, it has been trudging along as one of the weapons of marketers to market their brand. The origin of its existence can be traced back to the 70s. A professional named Lester Wunderman is considered as the one who invented the term “direct marketing.” This was his brainchild which was conceived while delivering a speech in a famous club in New York. He simply defined direct marketing as “a new and more efficient method of selling, based on scientific advertising principles and serviced by increasingly more automated warehousing, shipping, and collection techniques.”

Even though the wave of digitization is enabling consumers with the power to take many of the actions that used to be exclusive to marketers, they are hungry for a level of connection where they receive individualized attention at a personal level. We cannot doubt the fact that online marketing has leveraged the data consumption across the world where online video consumption reigning supreme over traditional TV viewership. But one cannot deny that there are demand and value still held in offline marketing.

One reason direct mail marketing is still alive and kicking because it effective as well as easier to comprehend. Research has shown that it takes 21% less cognitive effort to decode a DM. It simply means that audience doesn’t have to invest time (and brainpower) into a direct marketing mail. Direct marketing mails can be very much personalized and a personalised direct mail is highly-targeted and returns spectacular results, compared to that of other means of promotion. With the advent of data technology and analytics, brands can create clear and accurate personas to ensure that they are identifying and satisfying their consumers’ shopping needs. This further increase visitors to the brand and improving revenue while using the old yet tested method called Direct Marketing.

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