Why the Fuss Over Real-Time Digital Advertising?

There’s so much white noise in today’s age of digital advertising that sometimes, it takes something unique to get through all the mess. Yes, the advantages of promoting one’s brand or product to a specific demographic in this modern age is significantly important, as we have described in this article. Yet, sometimes, an out-of- the-box thought could push a brand forward by leaps and bounds.

Humans have always adapted to the change and evolved to become better. In that context, advertising has significantly become more innovative. Brands are trying to get into the next level of advertising with their resourcefulness and creativity not to just spread the value of their name, but to connect it with the people. One of the hottest topics doing the rounds of the Internet for a recent couple of months is Real-Time Advertising (RTA). Though RTA is in its infancy stage, there has already been a huge uproar globally.

To state it in layman’s term, Real-Time Advertising are the ads created on the spot, specifically for a particular situation. It can be a grandiose ad or a minimalist tweet, the only thing that matters for its execution is timing. Conveying a message to people that is relevant at that specific time and in that specific situation requires fine-tuning of dexterity and brand-specific approach to that particular situation. Taking advantage of the ‘micro-moments’ accurately so that even a small inane moment can be turned to something elegant, is groundbreaking.

Its uncertain how Real-Time Advertising will reshape the future of advertising but the possibilities of helping to get that extra edge, are endless.

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