Enhancing Ad Experience with Micro-Moments

Google has dramatically improved our life when it introduced the search query. But can you guess what has perfected the technique of helping search a variety of queries in our digital age? You guessed it right, its your smartphone! Today, a mobile has become a very effective tool for businesses and brands to grow by interacting with consumers online. We had already dipped our toe with regards to ads and its growth in Programmatic Advertising and Real time digital advertising. In a world where every single consumer is rarely seen without a smartphone, it is very essential for a business to be present on the device too.

The digital world has drastically changed a consumer’s behavior on how the information is perceived on the Internet. Every query is catered for within an arm’s length. It is this instinct for getting the information instantly which has what created an ideal opportunity for the online markets with something termed as ‘Micro-Moments’.

Micro-moments are those minute, inane moments of a consumer’s life which are filled with ads and intent-rich data which can significantly help drive a consumer’s decision. It’s safe to say that micro-moments are the upcoming battleground for the brands to catch the attention and navigate a consumer’s decision based on their preferences.

Now we know, what micro-moments are and its importance in advertising so the first step for any brand is to implement them efficiently. With insights audience’s behavior, in terms of browsing & buying patterns, brands can deliver ads which is tailored to a consumer’s need. More a business is able to meet the need of a consumer, the better is its growth. But how better can a growth be due to micro-moments needs to be seen.

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