Engaging New Algorithm with the Engagement Bait

Social media today have become the bread and butter of the digital advertising industry. Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. Maybe that’s the reason almost every single brand and business today is trying to gain that competitive edge in the social media platform. The essential factor social media has become popular is because of its ladder to growth opportunities. So in this world of advertising age, cluttering has become a primary source of concern for the social media.

Be it liking, sharing or commenting on posts, brand are optimising creative strategies for maximum reach of their page. But anything in too much can devoid the consumer experience. And this is exactly what has happened to the engagement ads on Facebook. The social media giant has initiated cracking down on what is known as ‘engagement bait’. This engagement bait post comprises of clickbait posts which fishes for likes, shares or comments as much as possible. The sole purpose of these kinds of posts is to boost interaction and engagement with digital means artificially.

With Facebook reviewing and categorising thousands of posts, your news feed will be integrated with an algorithm which works tirelessly off screen to identify and quash these engagement bait posts. With Facebook cracking down on new demotion policies, there might be a chance of hope that your feed won’t be cluttered with spam posts, thus streamlining your page and achieving the new look with relevant data.

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