Emotion, Desire and USP

Desire is born out of contrast we are living, emotions drive the desire for a specific reason, object, product etc. It is the desire which leads to focused efforts for fulfillment. Similarly a product cannot be focused with several of its benefits as it may miss the target intended. A single point communication or USP is the need for a brand to be taken closer to the TG like a specific desire of an individual to achieve something.

A tea brand cannot have multiple USPs. It can be projected either on the basis of its purity, freshness, mental & physical stress reliever, blend, taste etc depending on the market study. A brand without a USP is like getting lost in background noise. The customer directly relates the USP to his desire or emotion which prompts him to make buying decision. It stimulates an emotional response resulting in consumer involvement. Sometimes all brands offer the same utility to the end user and have the same quality, the difference of its packaging and design or a face promoting the brand gives an edge over its competitors.

A lot of health care companies use different media and throw feel good messages without any positioning. They lack a narrative to appeal to its targeted customers.

Few  mobile  service  providers  use  emotional quotient in their advertising campaigns to shape their brand perception, to generate engagement and  to  make  it  worth  remembering.  One  such mobile  service  provider occupied the educative slot promoting its mobile internet  service.  Another provider  keeps  changing the approach projecting the advantages of its services thereby establishing connect  with  the  user.  In India these  types  of advertising  campaigns have generated more recall value as compared to other campaigns.

Few categories have a direct advantage, for e.g. educational institutes or coaching institutes their USP is the ranks achieved by the students, for the TG the teaching methods, cost and environment is of secondary importance as the ranks projected by the institute connects the with the TG. Brands which offer emotional connect have higher brand equity and strong purchase interest.

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