Digital and Traditional Marketing, The tug of war still continues

The argument still continues as to whether digital marketing is better and more effective than traditional marketing techniques or not. More number of people think that for the most part, digital marketing has more or less taken over traditional marketing mediums. So what are the main differences between the two and are there any real benefits to using digital marketing over traditional means?

Understanding Traditional Marketing

As you may be knowing there are many aspects of traditional marketing and examples might include palpable mediums such as print ads in newspapers and magazines, newsletters, pamphlets etc. It can also include commercials on TV and radio, billboards, brochures, and posters. So traditional marketing mediums can be anything except for digitally trying to market a brand, product or logo.

Understanding Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a medium that constantly evolves as long as technology advances. The most evident examples of digital marketing includes social media, websites, videos, banner ads etc. Digital marketing per se is equivalent to traditional advertising techniques, however using digital devices. Although, digital marketing is thought-out to be a form of inward marketing and its aim is for people to find you. Enterprises put out their content or ads for people to find. The more you make yourself aware through your content, videos, images etc. the more familiar people will become with your presence online and with your brand, eventually developing rapport and trust with you.

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