Digital Marketing: Having a third eye insight into consumer behavior.

Marketing’s main motive is to bring to light a solution that serves a customers need and not to merely sell a product. If you’re in marketing line, then there’s a high chance you heard some alternate versions of this before. While this belief is still true, many marketers haven’t got a grip on the fact that digital marketing has assisted in taking marketing one step further.

As digital marketing continues to change and evolve, along with finding a solution to a customers problem, you also have the capacity to garner relevant insights into consumer behaviour which can help in forming marketing strategies, while also helping you foresee customer needs.

Always know your goal

Knowing what you have to learn about your customers is very important. Just getting random insights cannot be your goal. You need to have very specific goals or else you might miss out on the actionable and other valuable informations.

The most important aspect here, is to know if your specific valuable information will help you take an appropriate action. Your goal can sometimes be to know the initial customer reaction, as well as their likes and dislikes. It’s even possible that a particular brand wants to learn more about how they could enhance an existing product in a subsequent release. Then your aim would be to understand more about key problems with the existing products.

‘Who’ is your target

Once you decide on your goal it sets you in a particular path of action. Then it’s important to understand who exactly is your customer, their locations etc. Or maybe your intention is to know more about customers who purchased a certain product and haven’t shopped for same or other products after that.

Once the identification of a target audience is done then comes choosing of the right digital marketing mediums to reach out. This may include, but not limited to website, Social Media Channels, Email Marketing Campaigns, SMS Programs, Online Reviews etc.

Observe and analyse

It’s important to know the numbers acquired by standard metrics for each individual channels. For eg. in an email, this could mean focusing on number of clicks, opens and clicked contents. In the case of social media, this may mean checking which posts or tweets were shared the most or has maximum comments. While with online reviews, this could mean checking how many positive and negative reviews are there.

Analysing these numbers then help in forming a constructive picture about your audience/consumers reaction to a campaign or product. Mainly what you’re trying to do, is you know whether or not you can make out a pattern in the synergy between marketing campaigns and consumer actions and behaviour.

Never stop asking questions

Though it’s useful to have an aim in mind when checking your digital marketing data, you should always be open to the fact that by consistently noticing for patterns in consumer behaviour, and constantly listening in on the exchange your audience is having, you may be fortunate enough to come across insights you thought would have never existed. Or possibly you can have a particularly rare insight into a problem or specific issue faced by the customers in existing products.

So, in essence, there’s always a lot to know about consumer insights that will help you in picking and choosing the right marketing strategy. And for making that possible digital marketing can open up a plethora of options to gain consumer insights.
Let us know your thoughts on these subjects, as your insights will also help us in knowing digital marketing inside out.

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