Digital Advertising – Where’s the Fun?

Digital advertising is all about connecting. Whether be it connecting with a personalised, tailor-made group of audience or the general market outreach, advertising has come a long way. The change in perception of passive consumers to become active participants is generally contributing to more interest in the digital space. There’s excitement in the advertising market due to the ever-evolving innovations. But there’s a lacking of that ‘oomph’ factor.

Today, the world of ad is elevating to new heights due to rise of technological advancements. The thought and creativity in ads pull in the crowd, but what if there is no creativity? How would an ad feel if it doesn’t bring out that warm, fuzzy feeling from the gut? Sure, emotional element is an essential aspect, but ads should be fun. Not in the general sense of term, but more as in from conception to execution. Because the fun which goes into the work of making a digital ad is reflected in its output.

Brands today wants to truly engage with people and create that bond of which conveys the message through a simple static banner. There are many factors, including tech, strategy, brand management, media planning and buying which house digital advertising to be more successful. New enhancements in the fields of technology is assisting the ad world to be more interactive. New level of innovations means new functionalities, which in turn means whole new ways to interact and engage with the consumers for the brand.

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