Has Digital Advertising reached its peak?

Since the inception of digital advertising industry, there has been a substantial growth of brands and businesses. Unlike the traditional modes of advertising, online advertising can be specifically targeted to reach the new millennials, thereby narrowing the reach to the actual consumers. It’s no wonder digital advertising has created quite a stir in the advertising industry today.

Digital advertising has become the front runner in this age of technological innovations. The dynamic variable in the age of advertising has consumed a majority of space in the digital world. But somewhere on the road towards digital boom, the consumer sentiment towards ads have slowly started to shift towards a general lack of interest. While the digital media does provide personalised and interactive experiences to make it more appealing to online consumers, gauging the success of ads is essential for brand growth.

According to the market statistics from experts, if the advertising industry doesn’t find an efficient way to measure consistency and performance of ads and brand campaigns, online advertising is not that far from its end of days. The significant concern now is that the growth will be hindered unless a collective solution is not implemented soon enough. With digitisation becoming an integral aspect to drive the economy, online advertising requires proper structure and tools to measure the performance of digital ads.

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