Digital Advertising: Driving the Global Ad Spend

Gone are the days when advertising was just a banner placed in a newspaper or a billboard. Today, the internet has become the default setting for a business or a brand to be accessible wherever we go. Digital products, more specifically, smartphones and tablets have spurred the growth of digital advertising. Even social media handles facilitate network of connectivity for brands and businesses, assisting gain that competitive edge in the market.

Digital advertising is continuing to drive the innovation of the brands, making it more interactive and more connected with the consumer. Currently smartphones are driving the demographics. Smartphones have become the primary source of entertainment at this present digital age and is facilitating to continue the trend. Even social media have come a long way from where it started. Today, they are not only used to post status updates and reviews, but has become a major place to advertise to the opportune target of demographic and geographic interests.

According to the sources, forecasts suggest that in 2018 digital will be the top media in terms of global share of spend, taking over television for the first time. Digital spends have been growing considerably and consistently. Embracing potential technologies such as augmented technology, virtual reality, programmatic advertising, digital advertising is becoming the default space for advertisers. Today, the web offers valuable insights regarding customer pattern and behaviour. Optimising the resources can play a major role in creating unique user experience.

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