Data Navigation – The Game of Location

Navigating for chic restaurants or for cool hotel? What do you do? Of course, you whip up your smartphone, navigate to the maps to your desired location. Today, location data has become an integral part of daily lives. From ordering food online to book a cab, millennials are using location services exponentially. From smartwatches to smartphones, the gathering of location data has become essential. With each and each generation of technology getting more advanced, location data is also garnering the calculated accuracy. So what it means for a brand and a consumer as a whole?

Today, there are more apps delivering information about a consumer’s location and their whereabouts to the brand. The resulting decrease in physical boundaries of offline stores are thus becoming a part of yesterday’s news. The location data dives into the depth of behaviour of a consumer when they are present online. Sure, digital marketing trends have evolved to quite a few notches, but location data is also increasing its reach significantly.

But locations data, like all other data collection techniques, is still at its prime. There is much to see as it evolves into delivering targeted and personalised information to brands and consumers. With the right mix of predictive analytics, there is a new door opening to a whole world of new possibilities. The digital trend of brands and businesses adapting to the recent location data developments and delivering more and more accurate results is a key factor for a better consumer experience.

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