DARK PERIOD – No Solution for Brand Health & Equity

Advertising is one of the key components for the good health of a brand. If the brand is performing low, the first reaction will be to stop advertising or reduce the budgets. This action will lead to further reduction of volume numbers followed by consequences. If a brand is not doing well or customers are not asking for, then there’s something very wrong. 

It becomes imperative to take the brand nearer to the customer which again needs advertising & marketing support. Thus, it becomes vital for the growth of a brand. There can be various reasons for a brand for not doing well. It may be competition, price issues, quantity & quality issues or many more. From the communication and advertising perspective the USP of a brand should be communicated to the TG, create awareness, make it most talked about and ensure the media plan should be in proportion with brand’s market share. If the brand is No 1, it needs visibility across all media (with options of choosing right media basis the TG).

Total dark periods (no advertising) for brands may be a short term solution to adhere to the marketing budgets. But brand equity has to be maintained through other marketing activity. In India few companies follow dark period or dark month in terms of advertising with particular medium. This is also a way to gauge the response of other media. The emerging digital media is now equally picking up when compared to print media. The response from digital media is also now very encouraging.

But still companies can’t afford to follow dark period for print or TV. In order to maintain brand equity advertising and promotion must continue, else the brand will perish. Companies need to study their market share and decide whether the advertising & marketing budgets are in proportion to their brand’s market share.

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